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Item No.: SO4204-9T

Course Antenna Technology 1 : Antenna Technology


  • 1 Experiment card with the X-Band Antenna Interface, logarithmic detector with >60 dB dynamic range, 16 bit measurement resolution

  • CD-ROM with Labsoft browser and course software

  • Antenna rotation platform controlled by stepping motor with a resolution of 0.

  • Tripod stand with mountings and connection cables

  • Storage case.



  • Monopole, dipole and folded-dipole

  • 3-element and 6-element Yagi-array

  • Helix antennae; right and left polarisation

  • Patch antennae, linear and circular polarisation.



  • X-band oscillator with dielectric resonator

  • Fixed frequency 9.0GHz, stable and maintenance-free

  • Safety First – low transmission power and energised only during measurements

  • Optical display when radiating



  • X-band LNC

  • Precise measurement with a high degree of sensitivity up to –65dBm and higher

  • True frequency measurement


Course contents:

  • Introduction to antenna technology, forms of antenna and examples.

  • Physics of transmitting and receiving

  • Resistance of an antenna, matching and balancing (Balun)

  • Close-field and distant-field transmission

  • Antenna gain

  • Form of directional image

  • Measurement of directional image for various antennae

  • Course duration 8 h approx.


Equipment set / product