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Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Trainers

Well-conceived solutions for technology and workshop laboratories

Every area of technology can be found united in the careers and fields of employment in automotive technology. Consequently a well-conceived training concept in this field must naturally include electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering as well as pneumatics and hydraulics. Also the signifcance of IT technology is constantly growing.

All these various technologies are trained by this system. In addition the all in one concept behind our systems makes training easier. Alongside conventional hands-on training we focus on modern, multimedia-based and interactive elements of training.

This training is arranged into the following subjects:

  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics, electronics trainer
  • CAN-bus trainer, LIN-bus trainer, MOST-bus trainer
  • Automotive engineering, automotive trainer
  • Engine management systems, engine management trainer
  • Electro-mechanical systems in the motor vehicle, electro-mechanical trainer
  • E-mobility trainer, new drive trainer, hybrid trainer
more ...