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High quality systems for vocational training

The training systems from Lucas-Nülle are optimally equipped for vocational training. In addition to conveying a broad foundation in theoretical knowledge, special emphasis is placed on project-oriented vocational training with a finely-crafted educational focus. The training systems combine theory and application and can turn knowledge into know-how and skill.


It has been our special objective to create the systems to motivate students to learn autonomously with the training equipment and the accompanying software. These training systems are designed so that students can work on their own and in small groups. The material is broken down into small digestible sections so that the students absorb the theoretical aspects step-by-step and in parallel to their practical hands-on exercises.


Skilled Profession
Systems mechanic Electronics for devices and systems Automotive mechatronics specialists
Systems mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning Electronics for machines and drive technology Mechatronics specialists
Electrical systems mechanic Metal technology specialist Mechatronics for refrigeration technique
Electronic Drive technology System electronics
Electronics engineers for automation technology
Industrial electric Cutting machine operator
Electronics engineers for electrical installations Industrial mechanic Bicycle mechanic
Electronics engineers for power supplies and building installations
Electronics for IT and telecommunications systems

Lucas-Nülle training systems are in operation around the world and, wherever they are, they represent the standard for quality, efficiency and technology.