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Automotive Technology

Item No.: CO3221-6F

CarTrain Motronic 2.8

The CarTrain Motronic system with single spark ignition offers users an effective and efficient learning environment on the topics of automotive technology using a wide variety of media. It is based on the latest technology and educational experience, utilising all today’s technical possibilities. The interaction between various media in the learning environment gives trainees a comprehensive view of the engine management system, leading to genuine and recondite understanding.

The system combines hardware and software in a way that makes perfect educational sense. The experiment hardware involves authentic vehicle components. Each module is viewed in realistic fashion as an individual component and as part of the engine management system. Components are connected to a control unit, which picks up the signals from the connected sensors and operates the actuators accordingly. This means it is possible to see the interactions in an input-processing-output principle as used in practice.

The accompanying software contains the complete course and provides multimedia representations of all the hardware components. Its contents cover the full system, its open and closed loop control circuits as well as the individual sensors and actuators. Trainees are continuously encouraged to work interactively. Numerous instructions for experiments and component measurements are included.

Full wiring ensures that the training system is quickly ready for use.

The Motronic system features just one control unit, which encompasses the entire electronics for engine control (fuel management and ignition). Motronic 2.8 is a multi-point injection system, in which every cylinder has its own injection valve. The training system implements the control of actuators depending on the relevant sensor signals. A variety of driving conditions can be simulated. The sensors and actuators are authentic components and are fully functional.


Training contents:

  • How an engine management system works

  • How the accompanying control systems work

  • Design and function of sensors and actuators

  • Interpretation and use of circuit diagrams

  • Enhancing diagnostic skills

  • Making measurements on the components of the engine management system as done in practice

  • Use of standard diagnostic routines

  • Limiting of faults and interference

  • Function monitoring

  • Sensory perception

  • Fault memory read out

  • Measurement and testing of electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic variables

  • Configuration of engine management systems

  • Technical communication

  • Drafting test reports, evaluating and documenting results

  • Information flow between data transmission systems

  • Expert systems and diagnostic telemetry

  • Use of hotlines

  • Programming control units via Ethernet

  • Resets and basic configuration of control units


The training system includes the following:

  • Hardware made by various vehicle manufacturers

  • Hardware and software for theory and practical lessons

  • Software for self-learning

  • Pre-defined tests and test objects

  • Computer-based theory with 3D animations

  • Computer-based measurements in authentic experiments

  • Functional OBD interface

  • Connection of all typical testers used in garages and repair shops via diagnostic CAN

  • Switch-over between actual and simulated operation of sensors

  • PC-based fault simulation switches for 50 faults


The system contains a programmable control unit which can universally support any number of parameter sets by uploading software configurations.


  • Operating voltage

  • Air temperature

  • Engine temperature

  • Crankshaft speed

  • Throttle position

  • Lambda values

  • Air intake volume

  • Camshaft signals

  • Anti-knock control

  • Single spark ignition coils

  • Idle setting

  • Fuel pump control

  • Tank bleeding valve


Electrical connections are made via 4-mm safety sockets. They are logically labelled with the pin assignments. All sockets for measurements are 4-mm safety sockets and support the educational purpose in that sensor signals, actuator control and power supply sockets are all coded in different colours. This is a compact training system. The housing is made of highly rigid metal. Front and rear panels are 5-mm thick laminated compression mouldings coated on both sides with hard-wearing melamine resin coatings with a basic colour of RAL7035 (light grey). The equipment is approximately 800 mm high and 1000 mm wide. Photo-realistic colour printing is used on the front plate to represent the engine block and systems components in high-contrast UV colour, which does not fade even in bright sunlight. A special process involving an additional varnish firstly ensures that the equipment is robust and resistance to scratches without detracting from the clarity and comprehensibility of the front panel printing. The rear is connected from contact by a cover plate. The housing can be fitted into a special mobile experiment stand or it can be attached directly to a bench via safety feet.



  • Training system with 230-V, 50-Hz mains connection and integrated hardware

  • 12-14-V power supply in the housing itself

  • Set of measuring leads

  • OBD diagnostic equipment

  • USB cables

  • CD with basic software

  • Instruction manual




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